Regardless of having Diabetes, if you want to lose unwanted body fat, you have to do so in a slow, and consistent manner. Getting after your goals by going to fast out of the gates, deleting all food groups from your diet and doing excess cardio is unsustainable and will most likely backfire. This approach will help you achieve short-lived results. If you have to work at something at least be sure to keep what you wanted to achieve.

“Compliment your life with training and nutrition, don’t complicate it”
How many people do we know that have started their fat loss journeys like this:
“I’m cutting out all carbs”
“I’m going to gym every day of the week”
“I’m cutting out all alcohol”

While these are necessary at some point in time on your journey in your fat loss journey they definitely don’t need to be all done at once.
The more restrictive your approach, the harder it will be to stick to. If you cant keep at it, you’ll see some results initially and then they will be gone again, leaving you back at square one.

Changing all of your habits and behaviors at once can be a shock to the system, regardless of you thinking you’re going to be ok. It almost always ends up leaving you stressed out and even more overwhelmed than before.
The human body can sense steep drops in energy. As a result, the body does everything it can to protect itself (preserve energy), fatigue, irritability, reduced performance, muscle loss, and major appetite issues are typical of a diet and training regime that’s too extreme.

From a diabetic perspective, sudden increases in activity and reductions in food intake may create havoc with blood glucose control resulting in more hypos/hypers than ever before.

Here are three of the most important factors to work on if you want on-going fat-loss.

 1) Energy Intake:
Our bodies require a set amount of energy(calories), per day in order to function. I always call these “coma calories”, because these are the calories we would need for our brain to function, heart to beat and lungs to fill with air if we were in a coma. From here we need to give our body energy(calories) so that we can do the extra bits of work per day. This can be our jobs, our hobbies, our gym routine, or even talking with our hands.

The bottom line is, our bodies require food(calories) to get this done. The more active we are (regardless of chosen activity), the more ‘budget’ we have per day, to purchase food and drinks.

Just think of your daily activity as your job. If you rock up to work and do your activity, you get paid.
When we do activity we get an allowance for foods and drinks, you know… the stuff we enjoy.
If we earn more money than we spend on food and drinks(calories consumed), then we have some savings.

➡️ This saving is called a calorie deficit. A calorie deficit is simply us burning more calories than we eat and drink per day. If you notice fat loss slowing down or perhaps you’re picking up weight, it will always be because the amounts of energy(calories), you consume on a daily basis are greater than the amount of energy (calories), you are burning through daily activity.

 2) Strength Training:
I always say to my clients: We lose weight/fat from our nutrition. We gain body shape and muscle tone from Strength training. We gain heart health from cardiovascular activities. In order to create muscle tone (how a muscle looks at rest), we need to get rid of the fat we have that has been covering it up. This is done via our eating habits. Then, we need to create a training stimulus that allows our body to become firm and to gain shape.
This is done by doing strength training.

➡️ We burn more calories through strength training compared to cardio AND we create a demand for carbs… which in anyone’s world… is a good thing.

 3) Increased Overall Activity:
Increasing your overall daily activity is more than just going to the gym. Let’s think about it, the gym is only 60min at a time on average. How many people do you know that go to the gym every day yet still look the same each year… so many!

This is mainly due to the fact that 3x 60min gym sessions per week are only 180 minutes out of a 10 080 minute week. Even you did 5x 60min gym sessions per week ( 300 minutes out of a 10 080 minute week), your overall activity is still extremely out of balance compared to the amount of other time in the week. We can only do so many gym sessions a week, and so I recommend you increase the other activities in the day and maximize your activity and calorie burn throughout the day. This has a massive impact on energy balance. As your fat loss slows, physical activity will need to be increased. Remember as the body gets lighter – it burns fewer calories moving throughout the day.

➡️ Increasing your overall activity by doing simple things such as trying to increase the number of steps you do per day, form the time you wake up, to the time you go to sleep. Get some steps by parking the car at the far end of the parking lot, walk to the shops, take the stairs, get up every 2 hours and walk around the block. The list is endless.

⚠️ ⤵️
I can guarantee you that just this third point can be more effective than a gym membership. Once you put these 3 points together, there will be no stopping you on your journey to the body and mind you deserve to feel confident in.

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