This is a good metaphor for any type of Diabetes as its effects are not always visible. ⁣

My grandmother would always say to me “you never know what happens behind closed doors” ⁣

Nobody can truly know just what a diabetic goes through on a daily basis. Every simple decision and choice is now a matter of calculation, planning and question. ⁣

The bigger side to diabetes is the stress and overwhelm that is often at the forefront of our diabetic struggles. ⁣

Diabetes doesn’t only affect us as diabetics, but also those around us – friends, family and even work colleagues. ⁣

Before I was a diagnosed diabetic, I was the son of a diabetic mother for 5 years. I’ve seen first hand what it’s like to watch someone I love struggle with a condition they don’t understand, and I have lived with that same condition for more than 2/3 of my life on this earth. ⁣

Diabetes doesn’t have to be a struggle. It’s all about how we combat the stress and the overwhelm that is so closely linked to diabetes and it’s complications. These aren’t always physical and visible. ⁣

Overwhelm almost always causes us to take less action. Stress is a compounding effect that gets worse if no action is taken. ⁣

Having no support, tools, resources and knowledge with our diabetes can create a very large snowball effect – in the wrong direction. ⁣

This is why I created Diabetic Athletic. As a son to a diabetic, a grandson to a diabetic and a diabetic myself, my entire life has been about struggle, overwhelm, diabetes, fitness and most of all overcoming the challenges life has put in my path. ⁣

Diabetes is so much easier when it’s understood. ⁣
Our support system is everything! ⁣

The methods in our arsenal and the tools we keep in our diabetic toolbox are what serve as a saving grace and keep us thriving with diabetes, rather than just surviving with diabetes. ⁣

Diabetic Athletic is an exercise and nutrition plan for diabetics. The support, my platforms and my expertise as a fitness professional and life-long Diabetic, are the tape that keeps it all together.

My service and my programs are for diabetics wanting an answer to fat loss, answers to the struggles we face daily, and answers when we need them.

I’m living the very same struggle every day, and the only difference between you and I is that I’ve dedicated my life as a diabetic strength and conditioning coach on a mission to help my fellow diabetic succeed in life with better diabetic impact, freedom and control.

If you can relate to anything I’ve said in this post and are needing a kickstart to create a life with better diabetic control and confidence, then perhaps joining my free 3-week training and nutrition program with a private support group may be the action plan for you.



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