The Key To Lifelong Fat Loss

Written by:

Nicholas Caracandas, founder and head coach of Diabetic Athletic Lifestyle Accelerator

The key to lifelong fat loss lies with you and your ability to grasp the basics. This article is going to explain the single most important fact when it comes to diets.

Once you understand the difference between diets and methods you’ll be armed and ready to go ahead and make the best choices regarding the right diet or method for you. Just by including this lesson into your arsenal of tools with diabetes, you’ll be able to achieve fat loss and take it one step further than most people living with diabetes ever do.

People are so often misled by diets said to work better than others when in actual fact it’s all just marketing hype and gimmicks. At the end of the day, you get mislead and pay the price.

I’ve already explained the importance of choosing a diet that you can stick too and il be saying it many times over in this fat-loss video series. The reason for this is because I’ve lost count as to how many old clients of mine have moved countries, used cheaper trainers, gone on silly meal plan and diets and forgotten this very lesson only to come back where they started asking for help again.

If you want to stop starting over and over again – stay tuned, take note and finish all 8 videos in this series, and I can guarantee you a better chance at success. If you’d like something a little extra, click the link in the description and sign up to my FREE trial. You’ll get calorie calculators, protein calculators, insulin to carb ratio calculators, meal plans, guides and strategies as well as loads of training plans to use and enjoy, and all for free.

Now.. We’ve spoken about adherence and making sustainable choices.  This is honestly something so simple and so powerful in its ability to produce the desired effect. We stick with what we enjoy, and finding a nutritional strategy you enjoy, is more than half the battle.

I want to make sure you realise the importance of your choices as well as the fact that googling a diet is not going to get you the results you want regardless of how well packaged,  marketing & sold these diets are. Remember, most diets will work short term. That’s the truth. But at what cost.

Most of them will cause you to give up things you enjoy and as a buy product you will inevitably stop doing that diet. You get promised fast results I get that, but read between the lines – what you dont get told is that you’re giving up your lifestyle and are just another quick buck.

5% fat loss isn’t ever worth sacrificing 80% lifestyle and so, I want to simplify and help you understand what a diet actually is.

I want you to put your self at the beginning of a timeline. Just draw a line on a page put yourself on the left, and place something called “principles or methods” in the middle, and then your goals at the other end.

In order for you to get to your goal, you will need to apply certain principles. Depending on your goals the principles are going to be different. For muscle growth, it’s going to come down to stimulus. As in training stimulus. For fat loss it’s going to be Thermodynamics. Which is the law of In Versus out.

Yes that’s right, Calorie deficit you’ve heard it before and this course is going to teach you why to apply it, and how to apply it .

If you take any diet you have ever heard of, ever seen, even a diet you read about on an Instagram story or perhaps have a friend who told you about some magical new diet he or she has tried… Once broken down to its bones you’ll learn that each and every diet will obey the law of thermodynamics. Every single one!!

The rule that states calories coming in or eaten, must be less than the calories being burned via daily activity if you are to lose weight.

Any diet that has ever worked for anyone, long term and short term has done so by having them be in a caloric deficit.

In order for you to get to your goal, you will need to apply a method. If we list some diets and put them between you and your ultimate goal, they will get listed in a category called “METHODS”

For example:

Keto or ketogenic diets – Are just a method that obeys one principle – calorie deficit.

Keto is low carb, in fact, NO carb. On average your daily consumption is probably sitting at 40-60% carbs. Start keto, cut out 40% of your intake, and all of a sudden you’ve got a deficit.

Its sold as a new miracle diet however  It obtains fat loss through the principle of fewer calories being consumed versus calories you burn via daily activity.

The keto diet is marketed as a carb-free diet. You’ve deleted a food group .. ALL CARBS. It’s not a magic diet!  You’ve stopped eating a food that you most probably overeat on a daily basis.. Stop carbs and boom.. A calorie deficit is achieved… but for how long?

More about this in video 6.

Herbalife – Another popular way to get you to delete food from your life and achieve magic fat loss. Except it’s not magic. It’s a smart way to sell you a product or diet that creates a calorie deficit in order to lose weight – Although I dont like it, it obtains the same result through the same means – the principle remember.  Less food in = fat loss via a caloric deficit.

The main problem is that you’re consuming Shakes instead of food and that’s not sustainable. Therefore your fat loss (if any), cannot and will not be sustained.

Once the method ends, ao do the results.

Intermittent fasting – Different method –  People sing “hey i do Intermittent fasting, Im skipping breakfast and losing weight”. “This is the best diet in the world “…. You guessed it …Thermodynamics, Principle..

This method has you missing a portion of your day and without telling you its making you follow the one principle of fat loss… Calorie deficit.

By missing a portion of your day (let’s be blunt youre deleting a portion of your day and making sure you dont eat in that time frame ), which means you will get through the day having eaten less food.

Weight watchers, paleo diet, slimming world, detox’s, juice diets, LCHF.. You name it … they are all just methods that obey one simple principle. Even the vegan diets.. think about it… all of a sudden you can’t eat anything other than vegetables. You’ll eat more food, because the volume of vegetables is greater than the caloric amounts, and so you eat more food while consuming fewer calories. It’s not magic, it’s not that vegan diets are the key… it’s the fact you started maintaining that calorie deficit using a method.

Once you can understand this you will be able to choose a method that appeals to you in order to lose weight. A method to get you to your goal.

Since they are all in line with the same principle all you need to do is choose a method you will never have to stop doing. That is the key.

Choosing a method like the ketogenic diet (no carbs ever again), may benefit a diabetic from a sugar level perspective, but ask yourself this … can you sustain having no carbohydrates ever again?

No carbs are going to cause insulin resistance in any case, and as a type 1 diabetic, keto is not a good long term idea. Just ask your specialist before trolling the comments.

I am not here to say which method is better than the next. What I want you to learn is that different methods will work for different people. All methods work short term, and your own specific method will work for you long term as long as you obey that 1 principle of fat loss.

The bottom line here is:

Never start a diet that will one day come to an end.

If you’d like instant access to my FREE TRIAL of the Diabetic Athletic Lifestyle Accelerator Program, you can make use of the diabetic friendly training plans, nutrition plans, workouts, calorie calculators and insulin on boards calculators all designed to help you dominate your diabetes… simply click HERE now and enjoy!

Yours in Strength,

Nicholas Caracandas

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