The Reality Of Nutrition

Written by:

Nicholas Caracandas, founder and head coach of Diabetic Athletic Lifestyle Accelerator


Principles All have to do with your goals. If you’re needing to add muscle mass – Your main principles after sorting out your nutrition will all have to do with Stimulus (as in training stimulus). You can’t do park runs or yoga as your training stimulus and expect to build significant muscle mass or muscle tone.

Your principles for fat loss are what we call thermodynamics. Calories In Vs Out.

If you have ever been overweight, or know of anybody that is overweight it is because of this principle. Regardless of their opinions, purely because this isn’t a matter of opinion, and rather one of undeniable scientific, proven facts.

More calories coming in than going out. Not too many carbs, or fats, because you’re not vegan or because you missed a Zumba class….You ate too much and your body didn’t require the amount of energy you ate for that day, week, and month.

On a timeline: between you and the mentioned principals are things called methods (pictured below).


Let’s break down some popular diets, after all the marketing talk has been stripped away:

The Ketogenic diet –  is a method, intermittent fasting is a method. Low carb high fats is a method. Atkins is also just a method.

Every diet you choose is and always will be a METHOD to achieve a result through a common principle … a principle called “The law of thermodynamics”. 

Now we can use the word “method” to explaining the following it should be easier to understand…

Regardless of the method you choose, one principle will ALWAYS be present:  If you wish to lose body fat, YOU MUST CONSUME LESS ENERGY THAN YOU EXPEND!

Not less food consumption – less ENERGY consumption.

Let that sink in for a second. It doesn’t matter if you choose intermittent fasting or the cake and cookie diet… You have to put calories on the top of the priority list. Your chosen method will always be 2nd to what we call the principles.

You burn a certain number of calories a day. Just by living. You cannot exceed that amount if you want to lose weight.

The bottom line is, if you want to lose body fat, YOU MUST CONSUME LESS ENERGY (CALORIES) THAN YOU EXPEND (BURN). This can be done by eating less, moving more or in an ideal situation, you will do both.

It’s helpful to understand that the reason humans can store body fat in the first place is so that we have a readily-available source of fuel in the event of famine, being stranded on an island or world war 3.

We are designed to survive and to store energy. Females are designed to store more energy than their male counterparts, primarily because females are responsible for the human race. It takes 50 000 calories to carry and give birth. Your body knows this, it’s wired in your genetic code.

If your plan is set up for you to lose half a kilo or 1 pound of fat every 7 days and you have been “good” Monday to Friday maintaining your calorie deficit (fewer calories eaten than calories burned), and you go out on a weekend and overeat by 1500 calories if that overindulgence is larger than your weekly deficit ( ie the past 5 days of effort ), even by 150 calories you have sabotaged your entire 7 days efforts, and will not lose any weight for that week.

**See image above

ANY method or “diet” that makes it easier for you to stick to the calorie allowances is a “good” choice for you.

We are all different — some people find that intermittent fasting really helps them to maintain a caloric deficit long-term,

WHY? , because they don’t like eating breakfast. Or they just don’t have time in the morning. Who Ultimately, your choice is yours. There’s no point making you choose a method that doesn’t suit your lifestyle, yet people do this because “Susan the lady down the road” swears by it.

I am not here to tell you that any methods are better than others, because they’re not. The one you can stick to is the best method for you.  As long as you understand the principles and how they differ and apply to the methods and you can stick to your chosen method.

Some people need strict rules, such as extreme fitness competitors and others do better with more flexible approaches (such as Flexible Dieting or “If It Fits Your Macros”).

Let me just say this: Have you ever seen a fitness model or physique model get readt for a show without paying attention to their daily energy (calorie) intake?

Let me answer that for you… It’s a strong “hell no”.

The point is you can GAIN body fat on any or all of these methods (or diets) if you eat too many calories relative to your specific needs.

Even if a food is dubbed as “healthy”, generally speaking, these very foods are caloric bombs that will cause your total daily caloric intake to be over and above what is required for fat loss.

A handful of cashews or a bottle of red wine = 450 -550 calories. As far as calories go…. And fat -loss goes… these two choices are the same when your energy balance is concerned. Your body won’t discriminate.

Your body has a storage capacity. Like a cup of coffee. This is termed as your basal metabolic rate or (BMR). Your cup is not the same size as the person next to you.

Every time you drink from your cup its like movement. The cup empties and you can put more coffee in it. The more you drink per day the more coffee you can put in the cup. The amount you drink per day is equivalent to the amount times you get up off your ass and move.

Every time you put something in your mouth you are filling up the cup of coffee. If you don’t move enough you cup overflows. If you’re trying to lose fat – This creates a mess I call calorie surplus. The mug overflows and we have a classic case of overconsumption and under usage. Which is a fancy way of saying “ you get fatter”.

The magic diets, pills, lean in 15 books are the same promises as little coffee fairies that come and drink your coffee for you. It’s not possible. You have to do the movement or you get fat.

If you want to pour more coffee (CALORIES), in your mug (BODY), than it can handle, you have to drink (MOVE) more!


The BEST dietary approach is the method of your choice that you can do without fail. ADHERENCE is the key component.

Exercise accelerates results from obeying the principles.

There are no magic tricks – there is no miracle supplement, superfood, meal-timing secret, or any other way to cheat the system.

You need to eat less energy than your body needs, and you need to do it long enough to lose the body fat you want to lose.

Doing this is uncomfortable, and there’s no way around that fact.

It’s hard to do, and that’s evident by the large segment of the population that struggle with this problem and never achieve their goals.

Once you can accept this fact, coupled with the understanding that it doesn’t matter about the diets name or how well it has been packaged and marketed – the diet will always need to obey calories and how much you eat versus how active you are.

Diabetes can be difficult – I can obviously relate (type 1 for 3 decades). With the right kind of help, guidance and support this can all change in as little as 1 week.

Let’s look at it this way: Accounting is something I found very hard to do at school. Yes, I’ve got the basics down (I actually did accounting through to my matric year). I can balance my ledgers, however, when it comes to the fine-tuning, my monthly and yearly taxes and my VAT, I hire people to take care of it for me. Why?… Well because they are better at it than me, I’m busy and I have peace of mind it’s in capable hands.

If you’re like me and prefer to have peace of mind knowing you’re on a plan that has your best interests at heart, my FREE TRIAL is a great place to start. You’ll get access to some amazing training plans and workouts, nutrition plans, calorie calculators and my fat-loss mini series for diabetics.

If you need help with something a bit more bespoke and customised with your nutrition and online personal training and you’re looking to achieve the fat loss and diabetic goals you’re looking for then simply speak to me and let’s discuss your goals.

You can message me anytime here or comment below if you have any questions or need some advice. I am always just a message away!

Yours in Diabetic Confidence,

Nicholas Caracandas

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